ill be one of those guys

March 10, 2010

nothing fashion related but blog related. no post this time nor will there be. thank you for my short lived stay and i’m sorry for clamming up the feeds with this garbage but just to clarify i shall stop updating this blog.

tiny posts are the future.

thank you thank you


mined over?

March 1, 2010

alright, been a short while since i last posted and there’s been no real update since then that i feel the need to splurt out on here. switch seems to have recently had demin fever all of a sudden, arai released a full outfit including denim pants and jacket, and niniko released a denim shirt and some new jeans. all of these releases are hot fiyah, here’s a piece from each.

that’s all that needs said i think.

skin: mr.poet – delling

hair: gritty kitty – carnegie

glasses: epoque – browline shades

jacket: arai – all-in-one denim

jeans: niniko – lowrise jeans

boots: j’s – laceup short boots

dimlite – roo (a dedication)

constant chebbing

February 6, 2010

quickish post to show off the new shade throne necklace and the arai jacket. planning on a few posts this coming week so keep sharp. hopefully i can snatch a date out of fine’s schedule and get another post done with her!

skin: belleza – thomas

hair: epoque – killer

jacket: arai – leather jacket

shirt: arai – long t pocket

necklace: shade throne – el rosario

jeans: zoobong – sekh jeans

underwear: mr.poet – plaid boxers

boots: nc plus – boots010

kotchy – one for the money

arise my children

January 27, 2010

hello again! it’s been forever since i updated the blog, litrally forever. i’ve been threw one of those “bored of sl again” stages, it’s passing though.

cracking on though, what have i been doing? well sl related i modded my shape a smidge and thats pretty much it. anyway this outfit was just something to get my head back in the game, it’s not super fresh i know but i’m sure i’ll hit you with some of that jazz later.

while i wasent posting, Undo Hermano made some dope watches a while back so i’ll go ahead and post one of those for people who havent seen them.

skin: den-dou – 7

hair: boon – xxx777

glasses: shade throne – aviators

sweater: cheerno – romeo sweater

watch: shade throne – machang

pants: lelutka – julieta pants

shoes: kookie – snugs

ariel pink’s haunted graffiti – are you going to look after my boys

drugs and holiday romances

December 7, 2009

ordinary designs for life, what more can i say? scooped up the new set put out  few hours ago without even having to think about it. me and the lovey fine caliber rocked the shit out of these little lovelys, after it took her hours upon hours to settle on an outfit!

i rushed the pictures so im sorry for quality issues or whatever, but the colours you can mix up are much fresher than the primates, deffo.

Skin: Abyss – Adam Crius Origin – Chin Beard

Hair: BooN – SPS001 – brown

Glasses: Duboo – Top Glasses

Sweater (bottom layer): Beggers Banquet – Weat 002

Sweater (top layer): :sey – C Necksweater with Hood – blue

Pants: AMERIE – Cargo Pants – Black

Shoes: Ordinary Design – Cebidae

if you want to boggle my stunning assistant and (attempt) to steal her dashing looks jump over to she’s amazing, you wont be disappointed.

Bullion – I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times

love couples breaks

December 4, 2009

it’s  that time of year where i like to think i’ve got things to look forward to, but i kid myself. for some reason this is the time of year where my life slides out of focus and i make a huge mess out of tiny obstacles, but i’ll carrying on trucking at some point. anyway, onward!

Hair: Tiny Bird – Bereznyak – Pepper

Hat: epoque – Baggy Knit Hat

Glasses: epoque – Brownline Shades

Ears: Aitui – Stretched Ears – Human 1″

Skin: Belleza – Mathieu – Pale 4

Tattoo: Aitui – With Force We Go

Necklace: iCoN – Necklace – Gold

Cardigan: KiiToS – Sinilintu – Lon Knit Gown

Shirt: Connors – V Cut and Sewn – Dark

Pants: Chinese Takeout – Ransome Destroyed Skinny Denim -Black

Shoes: Ordinary Design – Primates

lone – to be with a person you really dig

abercrombie and fitch

November 23, 2009

eventually! sorry for the silence, i cant even give a valid excuse for it so i wont try

if i ever spot a blazer in a store, there’s no doubt in my mind that i will buy that blazer, i will rock that blazer, and i will stink that blazer out.

Skin: Abyss – Dave Gears – Shaven – Light

Hair: CheerNo – FRAY – Black Tones

Ears: Gauged – Tapper 1

Glasses: Shade Throne – Boyz – Smokes (neon)

Smoke: FancyName – Cigarette – Normal

Jacket: LeLutka – Luke Jacket – Blue

Pants: Whippet & Buck – Boyd Dress Trousers – Powder

Shoes: 2g – Couru – white/blue/brown

Bloc Party – Where is Home? (Burial Remix)


November 6, 2009

i told you i’d work with these shoes a bit more, this time i used the other texture they came with. it’s not amazing but hey, what can i do.

Skin: &Bean – Closer – Norm Nude

Hair: WOT? – Hair 019 – Guero Lite

Top: [Plastik] – Hale Homme – Worn Black

Gloves: Emery – Gloves Denis #Pure

Ring: [glow] – Gold Crow Ring – Designers United

Pants: Emery – Legging White #2

Shoes: Rawdolls – Pitchbull Hi-cake

and yes! i’m totally owning emery at the minute, again.

Jneiro Jarel – 4u

thugg step empress

November 3, 2009

wasent planning on blogging anything today but i found some dope trainers that i needed to throw up, im not sure if these are new or old but theyre dope none the less

from “rawdolls”, you find em at WMD (Weird Monkey Designs). soon as you port into WMD its pretty much right infront of you

terribly thrown together, i wasent expecting this! i’ll work with them more later

Skin: Abyss – Adam Crius Origin – Chin Beard

Hair: CheerNo – FRAY – Black Tones

Sweater: .::Mother Goose’s::. – Turtle Neck – SetA

Gloves: Emery – Globes Denis – #Pure

Jeans: [Plastik] – Skiinah Ripped – Original Vin

Shoes: Rawdolls – Pitchbull Hi-cake

should also add the shoes have two looks! i forgot to snap the other though, as i do :\

must also mention i’m pretty sick atm! i’ve got swine flu apparently so my posts may be down a bit, but i’ve got a few friends i’m going to be featuring soon (females!) so keep your peepers open

Boards of Canada – Iced Cooly

7 shades

November 1, 2009

just a quickie of a look i had a few days ago

Skin: Buried – Faith – Fair #01

Hat/Hair: .lamb – Rejector – Grayscale Pack

T-shirt: *Curiosity* – Striped Tee

Jacket: Meriken Co. – OCT-opus – Halloween Stamp Hunt Item

Pants: Emery – Denim – Running Free #3 outfit

Shoes: UBU – Pornstar Lo-Tops


Sage Francis – Crack Pipes